Would You Rock This Larry Walker Montreal Expos Baseball Card Hat? | Sharapova's Thigh

I totally would. I'm not exaggerating when I say that might be my favorite hat ever.

But then I ask myself, "Am I out of my mind for thinking that's an awesome hat and wanting to wear the hell out of it?" I mean, a trucker hat with a baseball card imprint on it of Larry Walker in a Montreal Expos uniform?

I think it's hilariously awesome, but then I realize other people would probably think I'm a freaking moron for wearing it. Not that I really even care about the haters, because baseball cards, Larry Walker, and those early 90s Montreal Expos days were awesome and there's no reason to convince me otherwise. Additionally, you have to recognize the Expos every now and again. So yeah, I think I have great reasons to think that's a badass lid.

Anyway, it's available to buy for $21.99(with additional shipping costs of course) on ebay. I've sat here thinking about pulling the trigger, but I don't know. Feel free to jump in if it's still available and steal it away. And if any of you get it, I want to hear all about it, especially about the reactions you get when sporting the hat around town.

And... this of course calls for a poll:

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