AWESOMENESS: UMass A Cappella Disney Medley | Sharapova's Thigh

Call them geeks. Call them losers. Call them douchebags. Whatever. But you know what? No doubt in my mind that those guys are reeling in more hot ass these days than 90% of us are.

I'm not kidding. The ladies love the Disney singing... I can speak from experience. Busting out some Disney at karaoke is probably how I've gotten half my girlfriends/fun times with the ladies in the past. Yeah, it makes you feel like a monumental dickhead for five minutes(even though deep down I like the Disney songs as much as anybody; I'm not going to throw away the fine moments of my childhood/last week), but it's worth it. One rendition of "A Whole New World" in front of some chicks at the bar, and all of a sudden I might as well be Paul Walker, even if I'm much closer in reality to McLovin.

P.S. Their "Circle of Life" intro was awesome.

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