Here's Video Of A $126-Million Sub-Mendoza Line Hitter Practicing His Gum Spit & Hit On Deck | Sharapova's Thigh

I'm sitting here watching the Angels-Red Sox game on ESPN, and the camera focuses in on the Angels' Vernon Wells, who is on deck. Vernon is hitting under .200, and has four years, $86 million remaining on his contract as part of the seven-year, $126-million deal the Toronto Blue Jays gave him in 2008.

While his ability to hit a baseball may not come around anytime soon, he's at least working on his ability to spit out his gum and hit the gum with the swing of his bat, before the gum lands on the ground. You know, the important things.

Here's video:

Getting the most out of those on-deck swings!

And yes, I'm fully expecting MLB to take down my video at any second thanks to their lame copyright rules.

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