Obama Knocks White House Correspondents' Dinner Speech Out Of The Park | Sharapova's Thigh

UPDATE: So I do this post(my first ever about Obama) and then just minutes later we find out Obama has a statement coming up saying Osama Bin Laden's dead? What kind of power do I have? I guess I should post more awesome things about Obama and then something awesome will happen for the world soon after? Am I like a jedi blogger?

I hate politics. Arguments go nowhere and the topics just bore the shit out of me usually. I'm not hating; it's just not my thing.

And it really chaps my ass how much people in this country can legitimately -hate- the President. Like, I totally get if you think he(and maybe she one day) is doing a terrible job and this and that. But it's still the leader of our fucking country, you know? Even if I think they're a little out of their minds with their decision-making, just an idiot in general(G-Dub), or clearly lied to us about many of the things they promised to have happen before being elected, they're in charge of my country and I'm going to support them.

Getting that out of the way... regardless of whether you think Barack Obama should be the President or not, you have to admit(unless you're a really boring person) that he's a pretty damn cool dude. He'd be a great guy to get a beer with and just shoot the shit.

And Obama showed off his awesome side in his White House Correspondents' Dinner speech last night:

Donald Trump? Boom. Roasted. Fox News? Boom. Roasted. Matt Damon? Boom. Roasted. And so on, and so on.

And his delivery was terrific. Just an absolutely awesome speech.

P.S. The intro video(I especially loved the Daniel LaRusso crane kick!) and Lion King birth mocking video were outstanding.

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