That's A Shame(Jerry Seinfeld Voice): Mariners Designate Milton Bradley For Assignment | Sharapova's Thigh

Today, the Seattle Mariners finally decided they'd have enough of the headache that is Milton Bradley, and designated the 33-year-old outfielder for assignment. After the Mariners find no takers for Bradley in a 10-day period where they can try to trade him under the DFA rules, they will release him, and he will be free to sign with another team, with the Mariners being on the hook for the remainder of his $10 million salary.

But will anybody even want to deal with him at the league minimum salary? I wouldn't. Along with being the biggest asshole in the sport, he's just not good anymore. He hit .205 with a .640 OPS for the Mariners in 2010, and is batting .218 with a .669 OPS this season. Defensively, he's terrible, and lazy these days.

And with a 33-year-old body that's been through a significant amount of injuries, it's hard to imagine his performance improving very much. If you wanted to toss in the, "Well maybe a change of scenery will help him" crap, don't bother. He's been on eight teams in 12 seasons(for a reason), and it's been the same story with him everywhere he goes.

A Mariners team that is desperate for offense(tied for last in the American League with a .230 batting average, and 13th in OPS at .631) hoped that Bradley's bat would come along enough to deal with his behavioral issues, especially with the amount of money he's owed.

But it became clear that he was not going to produce as they hoped at the plate, and after being suspended last week for bumping into an umpire, followed an ejection on Friday night for arguing balls and strikes, the Mariners finally decided that they couldn't take it anymore. And I think the league as a whole may finally feel that way as well.

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