This Awesome Remix/Rap Makes Me Want To Immediately Play Zelda | Sharapova's Thigh

Best video game I've ever played: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64.

Grand Theft Auto IV(Xbox 360 or PS3) isn't far behind, but Ocarina of Time was just a revolutionary game, and from a personal standpoint, I have so many memories of playing it.

I still remember the day I got the game, after I reserved it months ahead of time, thanks to all of the hype. And my God did I understand why it had so much hype, not even five minutes into the game.

My buddy and I sat there in awe: Incredible graphics, smooth gameplay, fun and addictive gameplay, terrific storyline... I could go on and on. Just perfect.

And even the soundtrack was terrific. If you played this game all the way through(which if I remember correctly would be anywhere from 30-80 hours, depending on how you went about it or how good you were), you would have music from the game stuck in your head for weeks following that.

Even years later, I can immediately recognize the music, and can even tell which theme is from each level in some cases. That's how catchy the sounds are, and how much the game sticks with you.

So when I found this remix and rap on Reddit based on the theme(better known as "Saria's Song") from the "Lost Woods" level, I got a big smile on my face:

And here is the original theme, if you'd like to hear that for comparison:

Badass. And now I really, really want to play Zelda.

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