THIS JUST IN: Jose Canseco Is Desperate & Out Of His Mind | Sharapova's Thigh

It's been at least a few weeks since we had some crazy news to report on Jose Canseco. Well, we do now, and I'm glad to say it was worth the wait.

On Tuesday, Jose posted a few tweets about his desire to get a reality show on TruTV(at least I assume that's what he was trying to spell), claiming that he had a great idea to pitch to the television network, and even posted his e-mail address multiple times in hopes of the network contacting him. Smart thinking from Jose as always.

Here are his tweets:

My guess is Jose wants to do a reality show for the North American League baseball team he is managing and playing for, the Yuma Scorpions. And if so, it would make a lot more sense as to why he joined the Scorpions, as he's an attention whore, and poor.

And yes, I encourage you to e-mail the hell out of him.

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