The Controller For The Next Nintendo Console Will Look Something Like This | Sharapova's Thigh

The 2011 E3 Expo begins tomorrow in Los Angeles and will continue through Thursday. It's by far the biggest few days of news in the video game industry, as new plans and displays of upcoming projects for companies involved in the industry are released.

And already, we've learned details on the controller for the next Nintendo console, which is currently being known as "Project Cafe"(also known by the "Wii 2" to some). The picture that you see above was an example given over the last few months of what the Project Cafe controller could look like, and from what we learned today, that picture looks pretty accurate:

After months of speculation regarding the specifics of Nintendo's next console, codenamed Project Cafe, we finally have confirmation as to the nature of the controller.

According to Japanese site Nikkei, Project Cafe's controller will be sporting a six-inch touch screen. It will also come with a built-in camera and rechargeable battery and will allow users tablet-like control of games. The site also stated that the console should drop in mid-2012.
Source: IGN

Sounds pretty badass. It will be interesting to see what more we learn about the Project Cafe over the next few days.

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