Here's A Trailer Of A 'Madden' Video Game That's Based On A Season Which May Never Take Place | Sharapova's Thigh

As we told you with our last post, the video game expo E3 is getting underway in Los Angeles. So it's going to be video game news/videos galore over the next few days. And today, a trailer for EA Sports 'Madden 12' was released.

Check it out:

I usually cave and buy the 'Madden' game each season, but I've been a bit disappointed with it over the last few years. I mean, I still play the hell out of it and enjoy it, but it's becoming pretty much the same thing year after year with just updated rosters and a few changes here and there.

Anyway, that trailer looks pretty cool, but it of course doesn't show us any gameplay footage, or give us any idea that the game is going to change at all from previous years.

'Madden 12' is due for an August 12 release date, and hopefully that will be weeks before the actual NFL season happens. But so far, we have no idea if the 2011 NFL season will indeed happen thanks to the lockout.

P.S. Isn't it still weird to think that Peyton Hillis is the 'Madden' cover boy?

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