Here's Video Of A Crazy Ass Cirque Du Soleil Dude Throwing A Crazy Ass First Pitch | Sharapova's Thigh

Interleague play. Yeah, it brings you the fun crosstown rivalries such as Cubs-White Sox and Yankees-Mets, but then it also brings you many more matchups that fans could give two shits about. Padres-Royals is a perfect example of that.

And last night, the Padres and Royals indeed met up for a game at Petco Park. So to keep the fans in attendance from falling asleep before the game even started, the Padres had a Cirque du Soleil performer(that looks straight out of the jungle) throw out the ceremonial first pitch, after doing about 85 flips on the mound:

All of that work for a pitch served up on a tee.

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