Jordana Brewster Pulls Off The Jean Shorts & Sunglasses Look Quite Well | Sharapova's Thigh

So a couple of weeks ago, I watched The Fast and the Furious(the first one) on television. Yes, I was that bored.

I hadn't seen the movie in probably 10 years, and immediately one thing stood out to me that I had forgotten: Holy shit is Jordana Brewster hot. I seriously just stared at her every time she was on the screen. Whatever else happened in the movie(well, we know what happened: cars went fast and there was horrible acting) flew right by me.

So now I'm definitely going to be on the prowl for the latest Jordana pictures that hit the web. And today, some nice Jordana pictures indeed hit the web.

Check out Jordana being a parking lot hottie:

That thigh is looking terrific.

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