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Man Vs. Lion... Who Ya Got?

Posted by Matt Clapp | 6/27/2011 05:00:00 PM | , , , , ,

Well I'm sure you're thinking, "Unless the man has a grenade launcher or something, obviously I'm taking the lion. The animal is only the king of the goddman jungle after all."

But if I told you that the lion was bored, tired, and had apparently just eaten a jackass, would that change your opinion?
The lion itself looked bored. One man in the crowd claimed it had just been fed a whole donkey and was therefore sleepy.
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Well that makes things a little less interesting.

Still, it takes some serious balls to get into a cage with a lion, even if the animal is disinterested. And there's no doubt this guy has some serious balls. His name is Al Sayed al Essawy, an Egyptian "strongman".

As the article from the Wall Street Journal says, "He brought to the lion fight a tough-guy pedigree. Mr. Al Essawy has pulled trucks attached to his back with hooks in his skin. He has hanged himself by the neck without dying. He has chewed glass."

So yeah, Al Essawy fears being in a cage with a lion a bit less than pretty much anybody else on the planet would.

Anyway, here's video of Al Essawy taking on the beast this past Saturday in Egypt:

Like Rosie O'Donnell feels after eating an appetizer, that left me wanting much more. And if Al Essawy is true to his word, we may get a more exciting battle in the coming weeks:
Having survived, Mr. Al Essawy is preparing to up the ante. In one month's time, he plans to fight two lions at once. Or perhaps a gorilla, he said. Or maybe a shark.
Two lions at once, with Al Essawy standing in between them, please. Oh, and no weapons.

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