This Is The Next Nintendo Console, The Wii U | Sharapova's Thigh

As expected, Nintendo is providing more information on its new console at the massive video game expo currently being held in Los Angeles, E3. Previously the new Nintendo console had been going by the names "Wii 2" and "Project Cafe", but it is now officially called the "Wii U".

And here's a picture of the Wii U(to my knowledge the only picture of it available so far):

Interesting. It sure looks a lot like the XBOX 360 to me.

Nintendo also revealed the controller that we wrote about yesterday, and it looks quite a bit different than the picture we had in that post:

That looks like a fancy Sega Game Gear to me. And fancy, it is indeed:

The controller includes a 6.2 inch touch screen, four triggers - two larger and two smaller - microphone, gyroscope, inward facing camera, a Home button, and an accelerometer.
Source: IGN

We'll surely be learning much, much more about the Wii U over these next three days.

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