Watch An Independent League Manager Get Ejected, Autograph 1st Base, & Then Give The Base To A Lady In The Stands | Sharapova's Thigh

First today we showed you Jose and Ozzie Canseco going off at umpires in an independent league game. We followed that up with an independent league mascot having a huge boner. And now, here we are with another independent league post, our third straight one. I guess we're an independent league blog now?

Anyway, this one is about the Lancaster Barnstormers' manager, Butch Hobson. Lancaster's Gilberto Mejia appeared to beat out a play at first base, but the first base umpire called him out. He flipped out at the umpire over the call, and then Hobson really flipped out.

Hobson ripped the base out of the ground, went over to the dugout, got a pen to autograph the base, and then handed it to a lady sitting in the first row of the stands.

Here's video, via our friends at It's Always Sunny In Detroit:

Absolutely awesome.

UPDATE: Here is a video showing a different angle of the ejection, tipped to us by @soccerkevin11:

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