Watch This Lady Drill A Dude In An Al Kaline Jersey As They Go After A Foul Ball At Coors Field | Sharapova's Thigh

The craziness with fans going after foul balls at baseball games continues. Last weekend on theScore, I posted a video of a lady wrestling a ball away from a little girl at a game. Then Thursday right here on the Thigh, I posted a video of a guy wrestling a ball away from a woman.

And tonight, I took video of a lady in a Colorado Rockies shirt absolutely drilling a dude in a Detroit Tigers old school Al Kaline jersey at Coors Field, as they went after a foul ball hit by Troy Tulowitzki.

Check it out:

Come on, lady. My man here has probably the sickest jersey in the park. Let him have the goddamn $12 baseball after he dropped $300 for the jersey of a Hall of Famer, and save your MMA moves for some douchebag in the bleachers.

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