Is This One Of The 100 Dumbest Things Skip Bayless Has Ever Said? | Sharapova's Thigh

If we were talking about anybody other than Skip Bayless, it would surely be in their top five even. But he makes asinine comment after asinine comment, so this is pretty tough. However, I do believe this would crack his top 100.

Alex Morgan and Hope Solo are two of the hottest female athletes in the world, and they also happen two be two of the best female athletes in America. Look at how popular Anna Kournikova and Danica Patrick are, and what have they ever won? Sex sells. And Morgan and Solo are actually damn good at their sport on top of that. Oh, and on a team that just left our country incredibly proud of their efforts.

No doubt in my mind those ladies are going to have a lot of people and great marketing opportunities surrounding them for a while.

Also, way to be a gentleman, Skip. And to two lovely ladies? Douchetastic as always.

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