Jose Canseco Is Still Going Off About His Ex On Twitter | Sharapova's Thigh

On July 12th, I posted about The Miami New Times releasing Jose Canseco's cell phone number to the public. Why did they do that? Well, Canseco released the number of his ex-girlfriend, Leila, on Twitter, in addition to talking a lot of shit about her on there. So The Miami New Times contacted Leila about the situation:

We spoke with his ex. She said she's been getting so many calls and texts offering to trade her drugs for sex that Verizon called her to ask why there was a sudden spike in activity.
Then they contacted Canseco about this, and he was a complete ass to them, to the surprise of nobody. So, they finally decided to release his number, just like he did with Leila's.

And guess what? He's flipping out about her again on Twitter:

Jose Canseco being a classy, charming gentleman as always.

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