The 'Miami New Times' Was Kind Enough To Provide You Jose Canseco's Cell Phone Number | Sharapova's Thigh


That is Jose Canseco's cell phone number according to the Miami New Times. The reason they posted it?
He tweeted Leila Shennib's phone number because he wanted people to call and ask her about her actions, and now it's his turn to answer for his.
On Friday night, Canseco tweeted all of this crap about Shennib, his ex-girlfriend:

The Miami New Times then contacted Shennib about it:
We spoke with his ex. She said she's been getting so many calls and texts offering to trade her drugs for sex that Verizon called her to ask why there was a sudden spike in activity.
So, they called Canseco, and told him that they were planning to publish his number for everybody to see, as he did for Shennib. He of course wasn't happy about it, even calling them a "young little boy" and "piece of shit". Just Canseco being his mature self as always. And that of course didn't help his chances to prevent the Miami New Times from publishing it.

Anyway, I encourage you all to call away, although I'd imagine he'll have the number disconnected very soon if it isn't already. Then again, he might not be smart enough to do that.

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