My Chicago Bears Blog Will Be Called(Drum Roll)... | Sharapova's Thigh

Da Bear Necessities. That was the winner of the poll that many of you voted in this past week.

Technically "The Bear Necessities" won, but somebody's already parked a domain for that, as well as one for just "Bear Necessities". And I'm not going to pay some asshat a lot of money for those like they'd surely demand.

So, "Da Bear Necessities" is what I went with, which I actually think I like even more(my sister suggested that originally by the way, so props to her). Additionally "Da Blog" finished second in the poll, so we're at least going to have the "Da" around for those that voted for that one.

As for when the blog will be launched... that's still a work in progress. Hell, I'm trying to figure out what layout theme to use(maybe like this and The Friendly Blogfines, but it might be difficult with the banner we're planning on). Hopefully we'll get it set up in the next few days though.

Until then, I've at least set up a Twitter account for it. So those of you that have been following my Thigh Twitter account and getting extremely annoyed by my constant Bears tweets during free agency can rejoice.

My Bears blog Twitter name is... @DaBearNecess

Wait, what? Well unfortunately DaBearNecessities is too many characters(Damn you, Twitter!), and BearNecessities is already in use. So that's the best I could do. Anyway, if you're a Bears fan or NFL fan, feel free to follow me.

Thanks to all of you who voted, and I hope you like the name.

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