Thigh Of The Week: Melissa Satta | Sharapova's Thigh

Melissa Satta

I know in like the last five Thigh of the Week posts I did, I said, "I promise we'll be doing these weekly again." And yeah... I pretty much didn't follow through with my word, although I definitely intended to.

But really, this time... I'm at least hoping to make this the start of a weekly thing again. And your pressure to get me to do that(like sending me in TOTW requests), will certainly help the chances.

Anyway, our first TOTW in a while is Melissa Satta. According to Wikipedia, she's a 25-year-old Italian model, but was born in Boston. And guess what? I was too. So Melissa and I already have something to talk about on our first date.

Besides that, all I know is that Melissa is a model(including for Sports Illustrated), actress, and used to date former Italian soccer player Christian Vieri.

Oh, I also know that she has one of the best asses I've ever seen and is one of the best TOTWs we've featured. And I think you'll agree on both:

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