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Last night's Red Sox-Rays game in Tampa Bay was one of the craziest games I've seen in a long time:

The game went 16 innings.

There were just eight total hits.

There was just one run.

The Rays were down to their third "manager" for much of extra innings after Joe Maddon(the real manager) and Dave Martinez(bench coach) were ejected.

Crazy leaping catch after crazy leaping catch at the wall.

There were two in-game delays: One was caused by a popup shattering a stadium light in the dome, which sent pieces of glass onto the field. The other was caused by a streaker.

On and on.

And with a game like, at five hours, 44 minutes(the longest game in Rays history), it's probably more exhausting and frustrating for the home plate umpire than anybody else on the field. He has to squat behind the dish constantly, and only gets a minute or two to rest in between innings.

And this won't make the home plate umpire feel any better during a marathon like that:

Little did he know that he'd have to be out there for another full nine innings.

H/T: The Big Lead; @jose3030

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