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Vote For What I Should Name My Upcoming Chicago Bears Blog

Posted by Matt Clapp | 7/26/2011 08:48:00 PM | ,

Last year, I wanted to create a Chicago Bears blog, much like the Chicago Cubs blog I have. I spent hours trying to think up a good name for the blog, and the best names I came up with were Monsters of the Blogway and Super Blog Shuffle. I wasn't completely sold on either name though, and I finally just gave up like the lazy jackass I am.

Well today, I was tweeting away a ton about the Bears, as the first day of free agency started. And I likely annoyed many of you. So I finally decided, yeah, I need to start a Bears blog, and put my thoughts there(And/or the Twitter account I'll have for it), rather than annoying all of you on Twitter that could give a rat's ass about the Bears.

I also then decided that I'd get all of you involved to help think up a name for the blog, so that I know for sure that I, and you, will be satisfied with the choice. What I did was take a ton of blog name nominations on Twitter, and pick what I thought were the best of those(And all of you that contributed did a terrific job. Shake it off if one of your suggestions isn't on here), and created a poll featuring them.

So, you'll get to vote for what you think I should name the blog. I'll leave up the poll for at least a week or until there's a clear winner.

And before you vote, let me explain the meaning of a few of the suggestions that you may not fully understand...

The Bear Necessities: As in the song "The Bare Necessities", from the Disney movie The Jungle Book. The plan for our banner would then be to feature Baloo, a bear in the movie that is singing the song, wearing a Bears jersey.

Between The Gould Posts: Using the name of Bears kicker Robbie Gould and the field goal posts that he of course kicks through.

Cutler's Sigh: Mocking the displeasure that Bears quarterback Jay Cutler frequently displays, and using a word that rhymes with "Sharapova's Thigh".

Da Blog: As in "Da Bears!"

The Halas Grail: As in "The Holy Grail", and featuring the name of George Halas, a legendary former player, coach, and owner of the Bears.

Hurricane Ditka: From an SNL sketch, where the "Super Fans" asked who would win in a fight between a hurricane and former Bears player and coach Mike Ditka, and one of them answered, "What if the hurricane's named is Ditka?"

Matt's Forte: Pretty easy to figure out if you watch much football. Matt Forte is the Bears running back, and my name is of course Matt as well, so it could work for both myself as the writer and the Bears.

Monsters Of The Blogway: As in "Monsters of the Midway", which the Bears are frequently referred to, and it's a similar way of going about the name as we did with "The Friendly Blogfines".

Payton's Place: As in the late, great Bears running back, Walter Payton.

Resurrect Luckman: As in former Bears quarterback Sid Luckman... who played before most all of us were born. He was good, and pretty much every Bears quarterback since him has been crap.

Robbie Gould, Jerry!: Using Robbie Gould and Kenny Banja's frequent "That's gold, Jerry" comment to Jerry Seinfeld in Seinfeld. This was my suggestion.

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