We At Awful Announcing Are Asking For Your Help In Replacing Joe Morgan's Face On Our Mount Rushmore Banner | Sharapova's Thigh

Over at AwfulAnnouncing.Com(where I'm a contributing writer), we're looking for your help in finding a replacement for Joe Morgan on our Mount Rushmore banner.

Morgan is out of broadcasting these days(thank God), so we're looking for an equally(if that's possible) awful announcer(or television/radio sports personality) to have their face where Morgan's currently is on our banner. So, we've set up the "Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament", and the winner of the tournament will be determined by reader voting(that's where hopefully you come into play).

Currently, we have two matchups that are available for you to vote on:

I voted Bayless and Harrelson without hesitation(and can't believe the Reilly/Harrelson one isn't at least closer), but you of course have the right to vote however you'd like.

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