A Grizzly Mauled A Person To Death In Yellowstone For The First Time Since 1986? | Sharapova's Thigh

A man out on a hike with his wife in Yellowstone National Park's backcountry was killed by a female grizzly bear after the couple apparently surprised the bear and its cubs Wednesday, park officials said.

The attack was the first fatal bear mauling in the park since 1986.

"In an apparent attempt to defend a perceived threat to her cubs, the bear attacked and fatally wounded the man," the park stated in a statement. "Another group of hikers nearby heard the victim's wife crying out for help, and used a cell phone to call 911."
Source: CBS News

Seriously? It's been 25 years since a grizzly killed a person in Yellowstone National Park, where there's at least 600 grizzlies? That just shocks the hell out of me.

I mean, I'm no outdoors expert. Hell, I even live in Colorado and pretty much never go hiking, camping, etc. It's just not my thing. And one of the reasons is because I don't feel like hanging out in the middle of the wilderness while I wait for a massive bear to rip my fucking head off.

But apparently that sort of thing doesn't happen much? I just assumed there would be more instances like we have here with this couple just apparently startling the bears, or perhaps some drunks thinking they could go all Anchorman on these beasts.

All I know is these apparent 1-in-25-year grizzly incidents are not going to make me feel any safer in the wilderness. I'll stick to the suburban life where my biggest worry is that one of these dogs will turn into Cujo.

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