2011 Pre-Draft Fantasy Football Roundup | Sharapova's Thigh

Arian Foster could be the #1 overall pick in your 2011 fantasy football draft.

If you're one of the two or three people that's read the Thigh much over the last few years, you're likely familiar with the fantasy football roundups I post, which feature useful fantasy football links to get your team kicking ass(hopefully).

In the regular season, I post one each week that has weekly projections, rankings, injury concerns, and other useful articles.

And in the preseason, I do one that is intended to prepare you for your draft(s). The preseason roundup includes draft kit links, full-season projection links, full-season ranking links, and pretty much whatever you should need to get you ready for your draft.

Welp, here's this year's pre-draft fantasy football roundup, and please e-mail me at sharapovasthigh@gmail.com if you think there's some other links that would be worth adding to this post.

Keep checking back, as I will surely update this post frequently before the season starts...
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