Boise State's New Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Are Badass & The Oregon Ones Are Pretty Cool Too | Sharapova's Thigh

The Nike Pro Combat uniforms that are worn by some of the top Nike-sponsored NCAA football teams on occasion have gotten some very mixed reviews, and understandably so. Some of them look absolutely ridiculous(in a bad way), and some of them are pretty sharp.

Boise State and Oregon are two of the teams that will wear Nike Pro Combat uniforms this year. The Boise State ones are easily my favorite of the Pro Combat uniforms yet. They're all-white(which is always a good uniform look in my opinion), with a sleek blue/orange/gray colorway. And the helmet features an intimidating Bronco:

As for the Oregon Ducks' uniforms, they're likely to scare the shit out of their opponent.

Here's pictures of Oregon's all-black uniforms that have a neon colorway, and even some silver on the shoes:

Which ones do you like more?

Thigh Five: CBS Sports(Where you can see more pictures of these uniforms, and even a video displaying them)

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