Here's Video Of The Seattle Mariners' Brendan Ryan Making The Oakland A's Look Like The Bad News Bears | Sharapova's Thigh

In tonight's Mariners-A's game in Seattle, the Mariners' Brendan Ryan hit an infield single, and ended up on third base on the play, with no errors. Wait, what? Huh? But... how?

Oh. Wow.

As the article about the play on the Seattle Mariners' official website says, "Thus Ryan wound up with what essentially was an 'infield triple,' though the official scoring on the play was a single, with the runner advancing to third on a fielder's choice."

I love seeing a major leaguer hustle their ass off in an era of lazy players. And speaking of lazy players, that play is just pathetic on the A's part. Even a decent little league team wouldn't let that happen. I guess this is why general manager Billy Beane usually refuses to watch the games.

As for the game, it just ended a minute ago, and the Mariners won 4-2.

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