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Thigh Of The Week: Tori Black

Posted by Matt Clapp | 8/11/2011 10:48:00 PM | , , , , , ,

Tori Black is a porn star(as many of you are probably very aware of), but she's not your typical porn star. Most porn stars look like porn stars. Tori's just a natural beauty that could probably be a Megan Fox/Minka Kelly level babe in the Hollywood or model scene if she had gone a different career route. And at just 22, I wouldn't be surprised if she ditches the porn industry and does go a different direction with her career.

Anyway, enjoy these pictures of Tori, who may be the most requested Thigh of the Week representative we've ever showcased:


And the last picture is one of my favorite pictures of anybody ever. I could stare at that all day.

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