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This Looks Like A Scene Out Of 'Airborne'

Posted by Matt Clapp | 8/04/2011 04:07:00 PM | , ,

Good lord. And remember when rollerblading was the shit? Everybody just Bauer'ing it up all over town. Chicks in bikini tops and short shorts rollin' on by. Street hockey games left and right.

But seriously, who rollerblades anymore besides that guy? I got into a conversation about this recently with a friend- I can honestly say that aside from kids sporting those shoes with wheels on the bottom(and I don't think those count?), I haven't seen a single person rollerblade in at least five years.

But again, it used to be the shit. We even had a badass movie about it:

Tougher "course": That mine in the first video or Devil's Backbone?

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