Did TBS Seriously Just Take 'Saved By The Bell' Reruns Off The Air? | Sharapova's Thigh

"Hey hey hey hey! What is going on here?"

So I can't sleep because I'm pretty much an insomniac, and I was just about to get my Saved by the Bell game on. Basically whenever it gets near this hour I just decide to get at least one Saved by the Bell episode in, instead of trying to sleep. Call me crazy, but that's how awesome Saved by the Bell is, and when you get a chance to be reminded of the good ole days, you take that chance and run with it.

Well I go to TBS... and it's no longer listed there, but instead there's two straight hours of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And just out of curiosity, I go through the next 24 hours of the television listings... and still, no Saved by the Bell.

What? Huh? Are you fucking with me Turner?

If it's a ratings thing, I would've run around this country and posted flyers like there's no tomorrow, because lord knows I support this show like Rosie O'Donnell supports the Golden Corral. So don't give me that shit.

And don't get me wrong, Fresh Prince is a great show, but two straight hours of it over just a little dose of Saved by the Bell? And two straight hours of Married with Children before that time slot? Really?

Seriously, there's no way that people would rather see these other shows, right? At least not two hours of each instead of no Saved by the Bell, right?

The Twitter world seems to agree with me.


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