Fans Are Now Referencing Mike Pereira When They Yell At Referees | Sharapova's Thigh

Mike Pereira, a former Vice President of Officiating in the NFL, joined Fox last season to break down how plays should be ruled in NFL games, and explain whether a referee got questionable calls right or wrong. He usually is just sitting in some office and random broadcasts will have him on when they feel his opinion would be helpful. I think he's been a great addition.

Well, a fan at yesterday's(technically, although it just ended in the last hour or so) Arizona-Stanford college football game got angry about some non-call from the referees. I have no idea what exactly he was upset about, but he was just yelling as Arizona was lining up for a play. Maybe an illegal formation or something?

Anyway, he claims that Mike Pereira told us that there should be a flag thrown:

Odd thing to angrily yell.

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