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Here's Naked Playboy Chicks Shooting Guns(SFW)

Posted by Matt Clapp | 9/15/2011 10:54:00 PM | , , , , ,

Badass... the show where Playboy chicks do crazy shit.

Last time we showed you Badass chicks swimming with killer sharks, and this time, we're going to show them shooting guns while naked. I'm opposed to guns, but if it means hot naked chicks, sign me up.

The video is technically SFW(well, the language isn't), but you don't want to get caught watching this, so you've been warned:

Come back tomorrow and I'll have the fantasy football roundup done at some point, as well as whatever else if the good material(like this) presents itself. As always, send me tips(sports, hot chicks, entertainment, booze, whatever) at Cheers.

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