Lake County(Florida) School District Does Not Believe In The Majesty Of A Good Thigh | Sharapova's Thigh

A Central Florida school district thinks cheerleading uniforms are too revealing for the classroom.

The Lake County School District said it wants all students to follow the dress code, and cheerleader uniforms reveal too much.

The District has set up two main rules: tops cannot be sleeveless and skirts must be at least down to the mid-thigh.

If uniforms don't meet the regulations, the district wants cheerleaders to wear long shorts or pants under their skirts and T-shirts under their tops, unless the principal objects to that as well.

On Friday at Mount Dora High School, cheerleaders wore T-shirts and pants during a pep rally instead of their uniforms.

The Mount Dora junior varsity squad members said that their coach instructed them to leave their uniforms at home on Friday.
Source: News4Jax

As a dude, really all you have to look forward to in high school are cheerleaders. Maybe a P.E. game of dodgeball here and there where you can drill some nerd in the face. But cheerleaders are all you can count on. Just sit there in your class and get your thigh drool-stare on at your school's Kelly Kapowski while the teacher blabbers about god knows what.

And these Lake County School District commies are making the cheerleaders where sleeves and above-mid-thigh skirts at school? Fucking bullshit. This is seriously a bigger Florida fuck-up than the butterfly ballots.

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