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Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

Posted by Matt Clapp | 9/12/2011 03:48:00 PM | , ,

Ryan Fitzpatrick & the Bills shocked everybody with their 41-7 win over the Chiefs.

Here's my power rankings for the post-week one of the NFL season, and feel free to share your opinions in the comments...

1. Green Bay Packers- The defending Super Bowl champs look even more potent on offense. Their defense showed some holes in week one, though. Still, even if the defense plays an average game, it's going to be incredibly difficult to beat this team in a shootout, as the Saints found out.

2. New England Patriots- 511 passing yards with four touchdowns and one interception? Pretty decent passing numbers I'd say. Tom Brady looks like he has another MVP-caliber season on the way. Hell, he looked better than ever last night. Be very scared, AFC defenses.

3. Baltimore Ravens- Well that was quite a convincing win over the Steelers. Joe Flacco looked great, and their defense gave Ben Roethlisberger hell. The defense forced a franchise record SEVEN turnovers. Absolutely dominating performance.

4. Philadelphia Eagles- Michael Vick really wasn't all that impressive against the Rams. I thought he looked much more like his Atlanta self in the preseason than the Michael Vick of last year, and I felt the same way after this one. He's getting shaky in the pocket and taking it off too soon. This is definitely something to monitor going forward.

5. San Diego Chargers- The Chargers got off to a slow start(something they're all too familiar with) against the Vikings, but were able to pull it off in the end. Their special teams still is an issue though, as they allowed a kick return touchdown to Percy Harvin, and lost kicker Nate Kaeding for the season with a torn ACL.

6. Chicago Bears- That's the best game the Bears have played in years. And believe me, I'd know, because I've seen all of their games in recent memory. The defense did not allow a single touchdown against a Falcons team that is more loaded on offense than their 13-3 team last year. Julius Peppers was his usual dominating self, and Henry Melton looks like he's going to break out at defensive tackle(he had two sacks and seven quarterback hits in the game).

By the way, I launched my Bears blog yesterday, "Da Bear Necessities".

7. New Orleans Saints- Did their defense stink, or were Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' offense just that great? I think it's a combination of both. Having Will Smith out(suspended for first two weeks) at defensive end hurts their pass rush for the time being too. Offensively, they look terrific as usual, but wide receiver Marques Colston is out for at least a month.

8. New York Jets- A nice comeback win, but they can credit that to Tony Romo falling apart in the big moment as he frequently does. I thought this would be the year Mark Sanchez took the next step, but I'm really starting to wonder if it's going to happen anytime soon after seeing him in that game.

9. Atlanta Falcons- Completely dominated by the Bears in Chicago. Matt Ryan didn't throw downfield much, but that's mainly because of the the Bears taking away the deep plays in the cover-2, and because they were in his face all day. Their offensive line play needs to get better.

10. Houston Texans- It's hard to take much from that game considering how much of a mess the Colts were. The good news is they clearly have the easiest road to the playoffs of any team in football because of how bad the rest of the AFC South is.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers- Big Ben looked absolutely awful, and their defense didn't look much better. It looked old. And now they've lost arguably their best offensive lineman, tackle Willie Colon, to injured reserve.

12. Detroit Lions- They made their many believers look wise with a terrific win in Tampa Bay. Matt Stafford looked great, as did their defense. With games coming up against the Chiefs and Vikings, it would be a disappointment if they weren't 3-0 after week three.

13. Dallas Cowboys- That game summed up Tony Romo's career perfectly.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- The Lions came into Tampa and absolutely dominated them. The score makes this game look closer than it really was. Their pass defense was very bad, and quarterback Josh Freeman led the team in rushing with 26 yards.

15. Buffalo Bills- That's the biggest win the Bills' franchise has had in a long, long time. Quite a confidence booster for a young team that has some solid pieces. I wouldn't be surprised if they looked like the Bills we're used to

16. Oakland Raiders- They're going to have an absolutely outstanding running game again. And they're already off to a great start in the AFC West again. This is a sleeper team in the AFC.

17. Washington Redskins- If Rex Grossman keeps playing that well, this team could be solid. But keep in mind that he was facing a depleted Giants defense. And hey, I'm not knocking Rex. He's always gotten way too much crap from the media and fans. I'm just saying that while he made some great throws, it's important to know that he was facing many backups too, so it's a tough game to get a good read on the Redskins' passing game.

18. Arizona Cardinals- I was very impressed with Kevin Kolb; he threw strikes all over the field. But man... the Cardinals' secondary was just terrible. Cam Newton played a great game for sure, but Steve Smith and the rest of the Carolina receivers were wide open all day.

19. Jacksonville Jaguars- Got a win, but hardly an impressive one over the Titans. However, their run defense did a great job of shutting down Chris Johnson. Offensively, they are what they are- Blah passing game, great running game.

20. San Francisco 49ers- Ted Ginn Jr. was spectacular in the return game, with both a punt and kick return touchdown. But, aside from that, the 49ers' performance was far from impressive against a crappy team at home.

21. St. Louis Rams- It felt like half of their team got injured against the Eagles. Monday Night Football will be the Injury Bowl next week when they take on the Giants.

22. New York Giants- Their defense looked exactly as you'd expect, considering all of the injuries they've had. It's going to be difficult to overcome.

23. Carolina Panthers- You may have heard that Cam Newton had a pretty okay debut at quarterback. As Tony Dungy said on Football Night in America, "I'm not much of a believer in 'moral wins', but this game was a win for the Panthers."

24. Minnesota Vikings- 39 yards passing from McNabb? Really? Over four full quarters? For real?

25. Tennessee Titans- Same old story on offense with the Titans. Chris Johnson will have to look close to his 2009 self for this team to score many points, and he only had 9 carries for 24 yards in the opener.

26. Cincinnati Bengals- Quite an impressive win for a young team that I thought was headed for no more than three wins. Rookie quarterback Andy Dalton played very well before leaving with an arm injury that has his status in question for week two. This team may be headed in the right direction after all. It's just going to take a while to reach their destination.

27. Miami Dolphins- You could argue quite well that a team which allows a quarterback to throw for 511 yards, in their house, on a Monday Night Football season opener, deserves to be ranked last on here. Chad Henne at least played very well, so the Kyle Orton chants will be absent in Miami for at least a week.

28. Denver Broncos- Orton, Tebow, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. The bottom line is it won't matter who their quarterback is until they can stop the running game. It's what killed them last year, and it looked no better last night when Darren McFadden and company ran all over them again.

29. Seattle Seahawks- They played better than some of the teams I have ranked ahead of them, but it's so clear that their offense is going to be an absolute disaster. And their special teams coverage clearly has some work to do after allowing Ted Ginn to return both a kick and punt to the house in less than a minute.

30. Indianapolis Colts- As I said in my NFL predictions last week, "I really don't think there's another team in the NFL where a single player matters so much as Peyton Manning does to the Colts. The Colts were probably a 10-win team with him, and may not even win half that many games without him."

31. Cleveland Browns- Lost at home to an in-state and division rival that I thought was the worst team in the NFL coming into the game. I think they'll get better, but that was a horrible loss.

32. Kansas City Chiefs- Certainly they're more talented than many NFL teams, but after that absolutely pathetic performance at home versus the Bills, I have to put them here. Losing stud safety Eric Berry for the year doesn't help things either.

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