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Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

Posted by Matt Clapp | 9/28/2011 06:19:00 PM | , , ,

1. Green Bay Packers(3-0; #1 last week)- Very impressive win at the Bears, and they finally got Jermichael Finley going(3 touchdowns). I think this team has plenty of room for improvement as well.

2. New Orleans Saints(2-1; #4 last week) - Their only loss came at the Packers on opening Thursday night, and they were a yard(and a 2-point try) away from being tied in regulation. Their offense has looked sensational, and that's without Marques Colston for the last 2 weeks(who is expected to return this week).

3. New England Patriots(2-1; #2 last week)- Tough loss at Buffalo, but I'm not going to put much into it. Tom Brady threw 4 interceptions in the game, and threw 4 interceptions all of last year. He, and the Patriots, will be fine.

4. Detroit Lions(3-0; #10 last week)- Great comeback win at Minnesota. They're for real.

5. Baltimore Ravens(2-1; #7 last week)- Well hello there, Torrey Smith. Looking like a very nice weapon for the Ravens' offense.

6. Buffalo Bills(3-0; #15 last week)- I was very skeptical about this team, but beating the Patriots, and picking off Brady 4 times is quite the statement.

7. New York Jets(2-1; #3 last week)- They lost to a good team on the road. It happens. But, now they play at the Ravens, followed by at the Patriots.

8. Houston Texans(2-1; #5 last week)-Just like I said about the Jets in that they lost to a good team on the road. Next 4 games are going to be tough though: vs. Pittsburgh, vs. Oakland, at Baltimore, and at Tennessee.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers(2-1; #11 last week)- The Colts stink, but that was not an easy environment to play in. Their offensive line looks like it's going to be an issue all year though.

10. Dallas Cowboys(2-1; #13 last week)- Terrific game by Tony Romo, and a big win against a divisional opponent that was 2-0.

11. San Diego Chargers(2-1; #9 last week)- I have to move them down a couple of spots for almost losing to the Chiefs at home.

12. Oakland Raiders(2-1; #18 last week)- Big fan of this team, and think they can definitely win the AFC West. They can run the ball effectively against any team in the NFL.

13. New York Giants(2-1; #17 last week)- After a disastrous preseason because of injuries, and their loss to the Redskins in week 1, they have to be quite happy to be 2-1 right now. Great win at Philly.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(2-1; #14 last week)- They're 2-1, and that was a nice win over the division rival Falcons, but they haven't really impressed me yet. I think Josh Freeman is going to start playing much better though.

15. Washington Redskins(2-1; #16 last week)- They didn't beat Dallas, but I came away very impressed. If Rex can avoid very many "Bad Rex" games, this team will hang in the NFC playoff race.

16. Atlanta Falcons(1-2; #8 last week)- This team looks very blah so far. I expected much, much more out of them.

17. Chicago Bears(1-2; #12 last week)- Well their pass blocking was actually good. Unfortunately, their run blocking was the worst I've ever seen it. Martz hates to call run plays as it is, and the run blocking isn't going to help the chances of that changing.

18. Philadelphia Eagles(1-2; #6 last week)- That "Dream Team" talk sure is fading. At least Michael Vick's hand is not broken as initially reported.

19. Tennessee Titans(2-1; #20 last week)- 2-1, but man are they going to miss Kenny Britt.

20. San Francisco 49ers(2-1; #22 last week)- Meh. I need to see more. Still, not much is needed to win the NFC West.

21. Carolina Panthers(1-2; #25 last week)- They really need to get the run game going. It's unlikely that happens in week 4 at Chicago.

22. Cleveland Browns(2-1; #29 last week)- Both of their wins came against winless teams. I'm far from sold.

23. Arizona Cardinals(1-2; #19 last week)- Not a good game from Kevin Kolb at Seattle.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars(1-2; #21 last week)- If you're going to play Blaine Gabbert, at least let him throw the damn ball.

25. Denver Broncos(1-2; #24 last week)- That would've been a big win for them at Tennessee, but lots of things need to be cleaned up with this team. They need a healthy Elvis Dumervil too.

26. Cincinnati Bengals(1-2; #27 last week)- They're starting to look like the team I thought we'd see coming into the season. That's definitely not a good thing.

27. Seattle Seahawks(1-2; #31 last week)- Well, they won a game. But the offense still stinks, and that's not going to change much.

28. St. Louis Rams(0-3; #23 last week)- What a disappointment. I had them winning the NFC West and to be the surprise team in the NFC. Well, they're surprising, in regards to just how terrible they look so far.

29. Minnesota Vikings(0-3; #26 last week) They could be up 40 points in the first half and their fans are going to still expect a loss. They can't close games out.

30. Miami Dolphins(0-3; #28 last week)- As I said last week: It's hard to find much to be excited about with this team. Tony Sparano needs a win soon, or else his ass is grass.

31. Indianapolis Colts(0-3; last week #30)- Might as well just start Curtis Painter at this point. There's no reason to start Kerry Collins on a 3-win team. Maybe you have something in Painter for the future, maybe you don't. But you might as well find out.

32. Kansas City Chiefs(0-3; #32 last week)- They may have just had their best chance at a road victory that they will get all year.

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