Here's Video Of A Couple Guys Fake Farting All Over A College Campus | Sharapova's Thigh

Nothing brings the laughs like a good fart. I remember back in high school during an exam in some science class when my good friend(who is a daily reader of this site) let a monster fart fly. We all start laughing, and our teacher yells out, "Who ripped?" Friend: "I did!", raising his head with the biggest smile on his face.

Another fine fart moment, which also took place in high school: At American Pie 2 with a couple of friends the first night it came out in a packed theater. One of the few "serious" moments of the movie was taking place, when my friend let one roar so loudly that the entire theater crowd could hear it. Everybody burst out laughing, and I was in tears laughing(and from smelling this) for a good half hour.

Good times.

P.S. I absolutely lost it when that guy in the video farted on the apple in a grocery store and then ate it.

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