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Is there anything that gives me a "facepalm" reaction in sports more than cheesedicks wearing customized sports jerseys of players that are not even on the team the jersey represents? I don't think so.

Brett Favre Eagles jersey this past offseason.

Brett Favre CUBS jersey(this one officially makes the least sense ever).

Fans of various teams(Knicks and Nets especially) wearing customized LeBron James jerseys last summer before he of course chose the Heat.

On and on.

It seems that most every time people wear these jerseys of players that are upcoming free agents, or are entering the upcoming draft in their sport, the players don't end up signing with that team. It's karma. Buy one of these jerseys, and karma's usually going to bite you in the ass.

But here these guys(pictured above, duh) were wearing Andrew Luck Colts jerseys to the Colts game against the Titans in Tennessee yesterday.

Is Luck going to be the #1 pick? Yes.

Would the Colts select him with the #1 pick, even with Peyton Manning to return next year? Unless they're offered some awesome trade package(and any trade package for moving up to get Luck would indeed be awesome... probably three #1s and more), yes, they will take him.

Are the Colts winless, with no hope in sight this season? Yes.

But the last time I checked, the Colts aren't the only shittastic team in the NFL this year.

Here's the #1 pick contenders as it stands now:

Colts 0-8

Dolphins 0-7

Cardinals 1-6

Rams 1-6

Jaguars 2-6

Broncos 2-6

Seahawks 2-5

Panthers 2-6

Vikings 2-6

So that's nine teams that have two or less wins. I don't think the Panthers(especially), Vikings, and Jaguars are nearly as bad as the other teams on that list, but an injury to a key player(Cam Newton, Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen, Maurice Jones-Drew, etc.) or two and they could be.

I think the Colts, right now, are the worst team. But you could've argued before yesterday's games that the Rams were the worst team, and they blew out a damn good Saints team, with A.J. FUCKING FEELEY starting at quarterback. You never know in this league.

Hope your team sucks for Luck all you want, but please save the jerseys until draft day next April.

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