Thigh Of The Week: Monika Pietrasinska | Sharapova's Thigh

Monika Pietrasinska

And finally... a new Thigh of the Week. I'm not going to make anymore promises with these because every time I say "We'll be doing them weekly again", it seems that I don't post another one for a month+. But really, I'm going to try to at least.

Anyway, here we have Monika Pietrasinska, a 23-year-old Polish model. She's easily one of my favorite ladies that we've featured on here. Great eyes, great thighs, great boobs, great ass, great lips... great everything. She absolutely has it all.


Prettyyyyyyyy, prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, pretty good. We'll certainly feature her on here more.

And don't hesitate to e-mail us( any TOTW suggestions.

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