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Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

Posted by Matt Clapp | 10/04/2011 03:40:00 PM | ,

1. Green Bay Packers(4-0; #1 last week)- Just keep rolling. Aaron Rodgers looks unstoppable.

2. New Orleans Saints(3-1; #2 last week) - Loaded with weapons on offense.

3. New England Patriots(3-1; #3 last week)- Very impressive win on the road against the Raiders. Wes Welker is having a ridiculous season.

4. Detroit Lions(4-0; #4 last week)- Speaking of ridiculous seasons by wide receivers, um, yeah... Calvin Johnson is having one of those. And terrific comeback win by this team at Dallas.

5. Baltimore Ravens(3-1; #5 last week)- Three defensive touchdowns against the Jets.

6. Houston Texans(3-1; #8 last week)- Very nice defensive effort against the Steelers.

7. San Diego Chargers(3-1; #11 last week)- 3-1 and their best football is still to come.

8. Buffalo Bills(3-1; #6 last week)- They were due for a hiccup after three outstanding(and very surprising) wins.

9. New York Giants(3-1; #13 last week)- Pretty remarkable what they've done after all of the injuries they've had. Eli Manning is playing very well right now.

10. Washington Redskins(3-1; #15 last week)- Their defense is playing great against both the pass and run.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(3-1; #14 last week)- Pretty blah performance against the Colts at home on Monday Night Football. But, a win's a win, and I think they'll play better as the season goes along.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers(2-2; #9 last week)- They might have the worst offensive line in football right now.

13. Tennessee Titans(3-1; #19 last week)- Kenny Britt lost for the season during the week three game... Matt Hasselbeck at quarterback... Chris Johnson struggling... and here they are at 3-1.

14. Oakland Raiders(2-2; #12 last week)- The Patriots will make a lot of teams have games like that. Shake it off.

15. Atlanta Falcons(2-2; #16 last week)- Still not playing nearly as well as they're capable of. The offense will be fine, but their defense really needs to pick it up if they want to be a playoff team.

16. Chicago Bears(2-2; #17 last week)- You can read my thoughts on their win over the Panthers at Da Bear Necessities.

17. San Francisco 49ers(3-1; #20 last week)- Jim Harbaugh is doing a terrific job with this team.

18. Dallas Cowboys(2-2; #10 last week)- Same old shit with Tony Romo.

19. New York Jets(2-2; #7 last week)- Their offense is absolutely terrible right now.

20. Philadelphia Eagles(1-3; #18 last week)- "Dream Team" my ass.

21. Carolina Panthers(1-3; #21 last week)- Cam Newton is incredibly impressive. And they finally got the run game going in Chicago. But their defense? Yikes. Matt Forte made those 205 rushing yards look easy.

22. Cincinnati Bengals(2-2; #26 last week)- Coming into the season, I wasn't sure if the Bengals would win two games all year. Great win over what was a 3-0 Bills team.

23. Cleveland Browns(2-2; #22 last week)- A 2-2 team, but the teams they beat were the Colts and Dolphins, and in week four, they were embarrassed by the Titans at home.

24. Arizona Cardinals(1-3; #23 last week)- They might have the worst secondary in the NFL.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars(1-3; #24 last week)- It's going to be hard to expect much out of Blaine Gabbert this year when he only has one solid receiver to throw to(Mike Thomas).

26. Seattle Seahawks(1-3; #27 last week)- Almost beat the Falcons and Sidney Rice is looking like as big of a weapon as the Seahawks hoped he would be. Still, this is going to be a very limited offense.

27. Denver Broncos(1-3; #25 last week)- They're really, really missing Champ Bailey. As I've said all along, quarterback is not the problem. It's absolutely the defense.

28. Kansas City Chiefs(1-3; #32 last week)- Well, they got a win. That's a start.

29. Indianapolis Colts(0-4; last week #31)- Had a chance to beat good teams each of the last two weeks and fell apart at the end. Curtis Painter showed some good things last night though. No reason to play Kerry Collins on this team. See if you have something with Painter for the future.

30. St. Louis Rams(0-4; #28 last week)- It's incredible to me how bad they are. Man was I wrong about this team coming into the season.

31. Minnesota Vikings(0-4; #29 last week) After losing to the Chiefs, you have to wonder who they're going to beat. This is their remaining schedule: vs. Cardinals, at Bears, vs. Packers, at Panthers, at Packers, vs. Raiders, at Falcons, vs. Broncos, at Lions, vs. Saints, at Redskins, vs. Bears. Right now, the Cardinals and Broncos are the only teams you'd think they have a good shot at beating. They might be the favorites for the #1 pick.

32. Miami Dolphins(0-4; #30 last week)- Just terrible. After this week(their bye week), they have a Monday nighter at the Jets. That's likely a loss. And then they host the Broncos, which on paper is their easiest shot at a win. If they're 0-6 after that game, no way Tony Sparano is still around.

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