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So everybody was all excited about the Jose Canseco-Lenny Dykstra boxing match that was to take place on Saturday night. People cancelling Alabama-LSU plans every which way you look. America was so fucking prepared to see a tobacco-chomping MLB has-been take on a needle-in--the ass-24/7 MLB has-been that can't read. This is the title bout boxing's been missing since the early 90s.

And the thing is, I totally had Dykstra's back in this one. It's no secret that the Thigh and Canseco aren't exactly blood brothers, and I was always a fan of the way Dykstra played the game in his day. Laying it out constantly in the outfield with 40 pounds of chew in his mouth. Shit ain't easy.

But after this news, I lost any respect I had for Dykstra whatsoever:

Lenny Dykstra has pulled out of tonight's Battle of the Baseball Bad Boys against Jose Canseco despite being paid $5,000 cash on Thursday, according to promoter Damon Feldman.

Feldman said moments ago that he and main promoter Alki David met Dykstra on Thursday and paid him cash. The former Phillies star was to receive another $10,000 after the fight but informed promoters around 6 EST tonight that he would not show up.

UPDATE: Just spoke with a friend of Dykstra's who says that Lenny had never signed on to fight Canseco and did not receive any money from the promoters.
Thigh Five: Philly.Com

Not buying that bullshit at all. Jose, I'm taking your side for once.

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