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Well so far there's still no evidence of the penis(and I certainly hope we never see that evidence), but this was all I needed to know that Serena has indeed been juicing at least:

Serena Williams fled to the panic room in her Los Angeles mansion when she mistook a sports association drug tester for a dangerous intruder.

The tennis legend's assistant called 911 around 6:00am local time last Wednesday and told the emergency operator that a prowler had been spotted at the luxurious property, TMZ reported.

Williams retreated to her panic room in a bid to protect herself.

But the intruder turned out to be a random drug tester who stopped by unannounced for a urine sample.

Cops responded to the 911 call but quickly left the property when the misunderstanding was discovered. It was not known whether Williams submitted to the drug test.
Source: NY Post

Game. Set. Match.

Just another pathetic attempt at damage control. No doubt in my mind whatsoever. I'm more sure of this than I am of Michael Jordan being a better basketball player than Bobby Hansen.

Serena knew he/she was being caught and flipped out. Then he/she realized, "Oh shit, they're going to report back to the WTA and say I wouldn't take the drug test... what do I do? Oh, I got it! I'll call 911 and freak out saying an intruder was at my house. Yeah... everybody will buy that." Well, not I, Serena.

By the way, the fact that he/she has a "panic room" in his/her house says everything, right? He/she's been expecting this moment.

It's bullshit that the Thigh Goddess has to put up with roided-up bitches/bros like this on the circuit.

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