WHO YA GOT: Jose Canseco & Lenny Dykstra Meet For A Boxing Match On Saturday Night | Sharapova's Thigh

If you check out the Thigh frequently, you're well aware of the struggles of former baseball player Jose Canseco in recent years. Summarized: He's very poor and a (roid)raging psycho(although he did give me a cyber hug once).

Well, former major leaguer Lenny Dykstra's also had some very rough times in his post-baseball career.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Earlier this month the 1986 World Series champion and former three-time All-Star and Philadelphia Phillies fan favorite-turned drug addict (turned flasher), changed his plea from not guilty to no contest on charges of auto theft and providing a false financial statement.

”Nails” and his co-defendants are accused of trying to lease and sell high-end cars from California dealerships by claiming credit through a fake business. The plea change dropped the 48-year-old’s maximum possible prison sentence from 12 to four years.

So anyway, Canseco and Dykstra need money. And what's a great way for a couple of celebrity has-beens to make some quick, easy money? Getting in the ring of course!

Embattled ex-Phillies star Lenny Dykstra will take on Jose Canseco in Alki David’s Celebrity Fight Night featuring a Battle of the Baseball Bad Boys, at the Avalon Concert Hall in Hollywood. The fight, at 9 p.m. EST Saturday will be online streaming at FilmOn.com and according to Feldman, will also be available on pay-per-view television through Comcast and other providers.
We'll see if Jose actually shows up for this boxing match, and doesn't have his twin brother Ozzie replace him.

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