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A week ago today, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim signed Albert Pujols to a 10-year, $254 million contract. A day later, there was already a burger named in his honor, just two blocks from Angel Stadium at OC Sports Grill.

The burger is called "The Machine Burger", as "The Machine" is one of Pujols' nicknames.

Here's more on "The Machine Burger, from The Orange County Register,
The burger includes a half-pound of angus beef, a four-ounce fried mozzarella patty, cabbage, fried onion strings, avacado and tomatoes. The burger is priced at $13.99.

Ganjifard collaborated with General Manger Rob Beatty and Head Chef Vince Carino to create The Machine Burger – a play on one of Pujols' nicknames.

"It seemed fitting for a monster burger," Beatty said. "The Machine' is the coolest name. ... He just pumps out numbers like he's not human. This burger is out of this world."
Carino researched Pujols' native country, the Dominican Republic, to find ideas.

"One of their staple street foods is called the chimichurri burger," Carino said. "Basically, it's a burger mixed with onions and cilantro, served on a bun with fried onions."

Instead of the typical Angus beef patty, The Monster Burger has an Angus chimichurri patty, as well as the fried mozzarella patty – another nod to Dominican cuisine.

"Queso frito is a Dominican thing," Carino said. "They use fried cheese and serve it with everything. We also sauté it in a sauce called savon, which is a staple sauce."

The burger also includes pulled pork, to honor Pujols' stay with the St. Louis Cardinals, and is topped with avocado and tomatoes to give it a California flair.

The newspaper added that "Even if Pujols didn't want to eat his namesake burger, he could still take $634,992.11 out of his pocket change and buy The Machine Burger for every one of the 45,389 fans at a full Angel Stadium on opening day."

No word yet as to whether or not a C.J. Wilson food item is available in Orange County.

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