Blake Griffin Fouled Hard, Yells 'Get The F*ck Outta Here" At Somebody | Sharapova's Thigh

In tonight's Clippers-Nuggets game in Denver, Blake Griffin was fouled hard by Al Harrington on a fastbreak. Griffin fell to the floor hard, and then yelled at somebody to "GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!" With what he's saying and where he's looking, it appears he was yelling at the refs, presumably for the foul not being ruled a flagrant.

And believe me, I know expletives are dropped constantly and I sure hell do it every five seconds when I'm playing basketball; I just found it funny how loud and clear this was on the broadcast. You know, with the FCC shit and all that.

Hopefully you can hear the video enough and I apologize for my crappy camerawork:

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