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Minnesota Vikings rookie quarterback Christian Ponder appeared on 'The Dan Patrick Show' this morning, and said he's been assured by the Vikings that the team will not use their first round pick (the #3 overall selection) to draft a quarterback, after selecting him last year in the first round.

Here's the Q/A between Patrick and Ponder about it:

Patrick: "Have you been assured that they (Vikings) will not take a quarterback in the first round?"

Ponder: "I have been, yeah. I have been."

Patrick: "Really?"

Ponder: "I talked to our GM (Rick Spielman) yesterday, and we had some conversations about who we might be thinking about drafting, so, you know, we'll see."

Patrick: "So Rick Spielman told you they will not use the third pick on a quarterback?"

Ponder: "Yes."


The Vikings are definitely loaded with needs, and Ponder showed some positive things in his rookie season. He appears to be a very smart quarterback for a 23-year-old, showed off better mobility than expected, should be able to have around a 60% completion percentage, has decent arm strength, throws a good ball, etc.

However, I'm still not sold on him being a "franchise quarterback" by any means, and I don't think the Vikings are either. I just think his ceiling is limited, and if a better option becomes available at quarterback for the future, the Vikings should highly consider upgrading there. Now, doing that a year after drafting a quarterback in the first round is very rare, even if the team has major doubts about the quarterback they drafted the year before. It's an ego thing for a general manager if nothing else. Admitting that you failed on your first round pick just a year after it happened is not something you're going to see a general manager do.

So, I think that the Vikings will indeed pass on a quarterback with that pick, but if RG3 looks as good at the combine and in workouts as the Heisman-winning season he just had, there's going to be some very angry fans in Minnesota if they don't select him.

And I'm not even going to mention the possibility of what the Vikings would do if Andrew Luck were there at #3, because we know that is sure as hell not happening.

You can listen to rest of Christian Ponder's interview with Dan Patrick here.

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