Derrick Rose Made Quite A Fantastic Layup Tonight Against The Celtics | Sharapova's Thigh

Derrick Rose, the reigning NBA MVP and my main man crush, missed Wednesday night's Bulls game against the Wizards with a toe injury. He says that he could've played with the injury, but since my beloved Bulls were playing one of the worst NBA teams in the history of the league, they wisely chose to rest Rose, and still won the game by 14 points (without backup point guard C.J. Watson, and starting shooting guard Rip Hamilton as well).

Well, tonight the Bulls had a nationally televised (ESPN) game in Boston to face the Celtics. You knew Rose wasn't going to miss this one, even if the toe was still a bit bothersome. All he did was score 25 points, dish out seven assists, grab four rebounds, and make numerous huge shots down the stretch to close out a Bulls 88-79 victory after the Celtics tried to comeback from a 20-point deficit.

The most notable big scoring play he made late in the fourth quarter? That's an easy call:

Absolutely insane. This tweet from @adambuckled summed up the layup perfectly:

Derrick Rose just woke up my children. My wife came down to yell at me, saw the replay, and forgave me.

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