$200 Fantasy Basketball FREEROLL On FanDuel For Friday, February 10th | Sharapova's Thigh

Another $200 FanDuel freeroll league (1st- $75, 2nd- $50, 3rd- $30, 4th- $20, 5th- $15, 6th- $10) for you to get your hands on in fantasy basketball (NBA) for Friday, February 10th.

So follow the instructions/details and sign up:

1. Simply CLICK HERE to pick your team within a $65k salary cap.

Team consists of of 2 point guards, 2 shooting guards, 2 small forwards, 2 power forwards, and a center. Remember you are just picking the player who you think will perform in the games for Friday, February 10th.

2. Complete your registration and sign up for your FanDuel account

3. Watch the live scoring on FanDuel during the games and see how your picks perform.

So, again, it's for the games of Friday, February 10th, beginning at 7 PM ET. You'll need to sign up before those games begin obviously, so get to it.

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