Robert Griffin III & a former Heisman winner TBD will share 'NCAA 13' cover | Sharapova's Thigh

Quarterback Robert Griffin III, the latest Heisman winner and likely #2 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, will be on the cover of EA Sports' 'NCAA 13' video game. Joining the Baylor product on the video game's cover will be a Heisman winner of the past, and starting March 12, fans will get the chance to vote on Facebook for who that former Heisman winner is.

Here are the choices for what former Heisman winner will join RG3 on the cover, according to Pasta Padre:

Barry Sanders, Desmond Howard, Marcus Allen, Doug Flutie, Eddie George, Herschel Walker, Charlie Ward, and Andre Ware.

So after seeing that list, I think a very good guess would be that the the 'NCAA 13' cover will feature RG3 and Barry Sanders.

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