Video: 'MLB 12: The Show' Includes The Marlins' Crazy Ass Home Run Tower In Action | Sharapova's Thigh

In October, I posted a video on here of a ridiculous tower rumored to be at the new Marlins Ballpark that would activate after each Miami Marlins home run. And last Thursday at theScore's Buzz, I posted a picture of this home run tower under construction at the stadium, thus confirming that the tower is (incredibly) indeed real.

Well today at the Buzz, my buddy Scott Lewis posted an 'MLB 12: The Show' preview video that showcases Marlins ballpark, and yes, includes the home run tower. It also shows off the aquarium located on the backstop.

Check out this circus (and some very amazing graphics/detail in 'MLB 12: The Show):

I don't know if I could concentrate on my at-bat if I had to stand in the box with that tower in the background.

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