I'm drafting this guy #1 on my stone-skipping team & I'm not thinking twice about it | Sharapova's Thigh

Look, usually I'm all about the due dilegence and getting every bit of information possible on the prospect. Getting a full-on examination of his measurables, putting him through some in-depth interviews, studying hours of game tape, etc.

But I've seen all I need to see of this guy with the game film we've been presented here. Getting what had to be 20 stone skips and topping it off with a swag grade through the roof. Enough confidence to go out there and perform for us on the stone-skipping mound from day one.

And perhaps what I like most about him is in regards to signability. I feel he'd accept our offer of a minimum contract if we tossed in a Busch keg with free weekly refills.

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